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About Me


My name is Ashley and I am the President of Moja PMS Cocoa. Moja PMS Cocoa is a hot chocolate drink mix that eases/alleviates pain associated with menstruation. 

I got my first period at 13 and I remember feeling afraid and yet proud. As my mother, aunts, and cousins surrounded me in excitement I felt I was being introduced into a new world of womanhood and sisterhood. A goddess! 

As I grew older I began to understand the trials and tribulations that come with being a woman but I never forgot the POWER and PASSION I posses as well. 

When I look at my mother and my daughter I am reminded of my place in this world as both a descendant and an ancestor. Our blood connects us. Our periods are painful but they are also magical. We deserve the magic without the struggle. 

My hope is to bring some ease, comfort, and beauty to your periods. While at the same time making sure more women and girls have access to menstruation materials.

I started this business in my little kitchen when I realized this drink I made for myself everyday could also be helpful to women everywhere. 

Since then, it has taken off before my eyes and I am so proud!

Thank you unconditionally to everyone who has supported and continues to support this dream turned reality. 

The PMS Bar is in honor of all the women who came before me and to all the young women who come after me. May their bodies and spirits be LIGHT. 


With all my love, 

Ashley Rene Reed