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Moja Pms Cocoa-Morning Blend

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The classic favorite, Hot Cocoa, has gotten an upgrade with the elegant and ethereal addition of raw cacao and sarsaparilla. Expect a reduction in pain and stress and a quiet moment to take in the season. Warm up from the inside out, and take the time to indulge. 

Moja PMS Cocoa is a hot chocolate powder drink mix that eases/alleviates pain associated with menstruation. 20% of proceeds are donated to The PMS Pantry which provides menstruation products to the homeless. 

The daily minimum requirement for magnesium is 300mg on average... This mix has 600mg! The average woman will experience an accumulated 10 years worth of periods over 40 or more years of her life. Choose to spend that time in peace and comfort. 

This organic hot chocolate mix is:
*easy to use
*helps reduce symptoms associated with PMS
*tastes great
*a luxury chocolate treat
*and promotes balanced hormones

Just add a few tablespoons to hot nut milk, coffee or water and mix well. That easy!

Get it before it sells out again!

VEGAN & Gluten Free. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

Ingredients: Cacao, cocoa powder, molasses, xylitol, cinnamon, vanilla, sarsaparilla, non dairy creamer  

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