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February 24, 2021 2 min read

The PMS Pantry is a community pantry that will be fully stocked with free menstruation products. DONATE HERE

The Facts: 

- Roughly half of the female population (around 26 percent of the global population) are of reproductive age.

- Most women menstruate each month for about two to seven days.

- On average a woman menstruates for about 10 years during their lifetime.

- Poor menstrual hygiene can pose physical health risks and has been linked to reproductive and urinary tract infections.

- Many girls and women have limited options for affordable menstrual materials.

- Women with disabilities and special needs face additional challenges with menstrual hygiene and are affected disproportionately with lack of access to materials to manage their period.

The Solution:

Scotland recently became the 1st country to make period products free. Until that is a universal change everywhere, the only solution is to support each other.

The PMS Pantry will be a free stocked pantry in lower income neighborhoods that is stocked with items like: 

- Reusable pads
- Tampons 
- Underwear
- Wipes 
- Socks 

I will turn one of these lovely newspaper stands into the pantry. The top will be for taking what you need, and the bottom will be for donations. 
Menstruation poverty is a fundamental issue of human rights, dignity, and public health. We can afford to keep it stocked through the sale of Moja PMS Cocoa, where 10% of the proceeds will be donated. 

Would you consider making a pledgeof just $3.00? The goal of this is to raise $1000. Each pantry is $450 and our plan is to have at least two. Stocking it with all the supplies is $150 each. 

Thank you unconditionally for joining me on this journey and for your support of this cause.



Ashley Reed
Ashley Reed

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